How Facebook's Crackdown Could Affect Your Ad Strategy

How Facebook's Crackdown Could Affect Your Ad Strategy

It's been a big week in regards to Facebook (and Instagram) advertising. Let's start with the headlines:

Facebook no longer showing audience reach estimates -

Facebook pulls certain third-party data for advertising -

Facebook working to stop fake news & falsehoods in general -

What does all this mean for your brand? First of all, keep in mind that all advertisers are on the same playing field here. Everyone is losing the same capabilities, so no one has more leverage than another.

Secondly, this drives home the importance of DIVERSIFICATION! A brand should never depend on one channel due to these exact reasons. Algorithms, rankings, etc. - those things are always going to change. You MUST diversify your marketing/advertising mix among various social media platforms, content, SEO, email marketing, ad campaigns, influencer marketing, and so on. Of course you can scale what's working best, but don't go all in on one strategy just because it's working now.

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